Decreasing car use in cities with multi-functional cargo bike capsules

  •  1 biker = 100 Watt of power production
  • 1 charged power module = 4 hours of open-air cinema

Milena, Florent and Tom are all civil engineers with their own specializations in the areas like energy, electricity, project management. Passionate about give back public space taken away by cars, the team is promoting a wider use of bicycle in the city and experimenting with clean energy generation. During POC21, the team worked a lot on the design and logistics part of the project, and is planning to test their prototypes in sometime in 2016. They are also working on a stable platform and centering all the information around multi-usable modules for cargo bikes.

The cargo bike is a great alternative to cars in congested cities and Vélo M2 is a multi-modular capsule system that fits all standardized cargo bikes. For example, it can carry energy modules that are charged by solar and pedal power. With a diversity of modules and prototypes shared on an open source platform, Vélo M2 cargo bikes can be used for much more than transportation, making us rethink how we interact, move and use energy.

interested in building a VELO M2 cargo-bike module for yourself? check out this easy tutorial
would like to talk to the team or share your feedback? visit the velo m2 Facebook page