Easy-to-use, modular and portable solar-powered generators to power remote areas

  •  Modular: Amount of solar panels, batteries, converters inside the system is flexible
  • Portable: Can be moved by a single person and fits perfectly on a standardized Euro pallet
  • Plug & Play: Modules can be arranged as needed wihout any external help

Laurin, Jochen, Leonie, Joscha and Vivien are the team behind the open source solar power generator SunZilla. They are based in Berlin, where they studied at the Technical University. They have worked together for five years managing different projects, always with a playful but professional focus on environmental protection. Developing, planning and realising these projects they evolved a wide field of competences (project management, fundraising, accounting, PR, etc.) apart from the professional engineering background. At the moment they are preparing the manufacturing and distribution of the first small batch of SunZillas in spring and summer 2016.

Created to replace portable loud and polluting diesel generators, SunZilla provides a clean and easy-to-use alternative for off-grid energy production needed at outdoor events, remote areas, refugee camps or in case of emergencies. It’s open source, portable, modular and built for plug-and-play use. The creators envision a new range of modules for their system, such as water purification, heating, telecommunications, etc.

would like to build one for yourself? check out this easy tutorial


Want to find out about the latest project developments? Visit SunZilla website