An open source solar concentrator to provide thermal energy for many applications

  •  Heat produces steam between 150 and 200°C allowing many direct applications
  • 5KW peak capacity that can be used to cook for ten households


Andrea, Cyril, François, Hugo and Philippe are the team who prototyped Solar-OSE during the POC21 camp. They are part of the French association Open Source Écologie (OSÉ). A wider team collectively worked on this project for a year ahead of the camp. The Solar-OSE team and all of the OSÉ members seek in contributing to the commons for a more harmonious and peaceful world. Most team members are engineers or researchers, but all of them define themselves as citizens, using their skills to contribute to the commons.

Entrepreneurs and ecovillages, small farms and artisans can finally produce autonomous thermal energy, harnessing the power of the sun for many applications such as cooking, roasting, distilling and more. Part of the Global Village Construction Set by Open Source Ecology, this solar concentrator combines the most cost-effective technology and the lightest possible structure.

would like to build one for yourself? check out this tutorial


Want to find out more? Visit the SolarOSE wiki page or check out the OS documentation on Team's GitHub account