Minimizing water and energy usage with real-time shower water looping system

  •  10 times less energy and water consumption
  • Using Showerloop every day would save an estimated 33.000 liters of water and 650 kWh of energy per person and year, compared to a normal shower

Jason Selvarajan, an environmental engineer from Finland with passion for long showers, started the Showerloop project in an attempt to create water- and energy saving solution for a guilt-free shower, that could reduce pollution worldwide, bringing water and sanitation to people and places that don't have it. Multitasking all-rounder, Jason is doing almost everything around the project by himself, except for electronics design and coding, where he gets supported by his partner and high school friend Eduard Kobak. Jason's main objectives during POC21 were to making the prototype look cool and more simple, as well as communicating the project to a wider audience. For the future, he intends to get the product available in the form of a kit, as well as establish collaboration with potential partners and build up an understanding of how the project can be applied to specific situations.

A normal shower uses 10 liters of water per minute and a whole lot of energy to heat that water. Showerloop offers a filtration system that cleans shower water in real time, reducing the amount of water and the energy used to heat that water by five to ten fold or more. Enjoy long, hot showers while saving water and energy with this open source, hot water recycling system for super efficient personal hygiene. The shower adapter captures the hot water from the drain, purifies it with an antibacterial filter, and pumps it directly back to the showerhead. The recycled water is of such high quality that it exceeds both USA and EU standards for drinking water.

would like to find out more about the project? visit showerloop website for more info