Increasing home energy efficiency with open source energy monitoring solutions

  •  Monitor electricity consumption, temperature and humidity
  • View data in real time via a phone, tablet or computer app
  • Built-in privacy: data is recorded only local, upload to the cloud is optional

Trystan Lea started Open Energy Monitor project around 2009 by monitoring energy consumption in his own home, and was later joined by Glyn Hudson. Having backgrounds in physics and electronic engineering, the two share an interest in technology and the way it can contribute to sustainable lifestyles. Open Energy Monitor grew out of the desire to create an open source energy monitor to understand energy consumption patterns at home and make sense of how we could work toward living more sustainably while contributing to the open hardware movement. Trystan and Glyn want to continue working with open source monitoring solutions and plan to launch the open source heatpump monitor in the early 2016.

The transition to the zero carbon energy system is often poorly understood, especially in terms of how it relates directly to our own lives and our use of energy. Energy monitoring is one of the tools that can help tell the story of the energy transition and make it more real. Open Energy Monitor offers the ability to explore sustainable energy solutions. Monitoring household energy consumption and production, it enables home owners to review their needs on a tablet or smartphone, and identify concrete action points. Open Energy Monitor is the first entirely open source energy monitoring platform.

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check out the team's open source documentation on github