Improving functionality and saving energy by adapting nature’s design

  •  Reduction of heat loss saving 80% electricity
  • The interior distributes heat more even, like the architecture of termite hills

Meet the two people behind the Nautile project: Michka Mélo and Guillian Graves. Michka is a bioengineer. He develops innovative sustainable technologies inspired by living organisms, collaborating with a whole range of organizations, from art collectives and open citizen-driven laboratories to governmental agencies. Guillian Graves is a French industrial designer, based in Paris. He collaborates with scientists and engineers from prestigious research centers, international companies and start-ups, designing innovative products, services and experiences in order to build a desirable future for people.

“Biomimicry“ is learning and adapting design elements from nature to make products more sustainable. Michka and Guillian came to POC21 to enhance the “Nautile” kettle which included isolation tricks from polar bears and toucan’s beak. But during the camp, they figured out that the technology required to produce it was still to expensive for mainstream market. So they now concentrate on building a global design and engineering platform to collaborative on bio-inspired sustainable products.

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