Reducing energy and waste by revolutionizing the kitchen

  •  Reduces the need for electrical appliances in your kitchen
  • Each module is easy to reproduce with common hardware

Yoann Vandendriessche, Antoine Pateau, Valentin Martineau and Audrey Bigot are a team of friends, working together on the Kitchen B project. All four have Master's degree in various areas of design and are interested in developing projects that have positive impact on our lifestyle and change the way we look at production and consumption.

Kitchen B re-imagines the modern kitchen for sustainable cooking. The three modules developed during POC21 help you preserve a variety of your food without the need of a fridge, turn your cooking waste into a natural fertilizer and let you grow herbs and aromatics abundantly. Together with a mechanical mixer for cutting, chopping, kneading, it lets you re-think your relation to food and understand the use and cultivation of resources at the same time.

have ideas for new kitchen modules? Help build "System B", the open source library for housing. Write to or connect to the team on Facebook