Bringing clean drinking water to the world with reusable water filters

  •  Addresses a billion people without access to clean water
  • Reuse of plastic bottles could potentially save tons of plastic waste
  • Brings down the costs of filtering water at less than 1 cent per liter

Mauricio Cordova was trained in Economics and Finance at UT Austin and the LSE, worked for Intel for a few years and was always interested at applying technology to solving social and environmental problems, specially in poor countries. Being born in Peru and having spent most of his life abroad, he was inspired by the open source and maker movements to come up with a simple solution to clean contaminated water. He hopes to have the first Faircap filters ready by 2016 through a crowdfunding campaign supported by the community. He dreams of working in a collaborative space with other open creative projects.

Faircap is an open source antibacterial water filter, to provide clean drinking water for all. As a small portable filter, the Faircap can be screwed into a bottle, allowing safe consumption of clean water from any source: the tap, well, stream, lake or river ; as a home filter, it can purify water for a family of four. The long-term goal is to distribute different models of the filter for the most common use cases to regions where clean drinking water is still not a human right.

would like to 3d print one for yourself? check out this easy tutorial


Too busy or don't have a 3d-printer? Get your own filter for a 20€ supporters price and give one away to families in need here