Offering an alternative to large-scale industrial agriculture machines and methods

  •  Your own Bicitractor V3 can be built in one week
  • Total material costs of a Bicitractor range around 1000€ only
  • Works best on surfaces 5-10 cm deep and plot of 1-5 hectares

Mathieu Grosche, Jean-Pierre Comte, and Damien Barriere are a part of the Farming Soul Collective, working together on the BICITRACTOR project. Their aim is to give farmers access to the necessary technology without acquiring bank credits, while simultaneously reducing pollution caused by traditional machinery.

Bicitractor is an affordable and robust pedal-powered tractor with electric assistance, adapted to small- and mid-sized farms. Made out with tools and materials that can be found in the farm, it offers a low-tech alternative to highly pollutive regular tractors which are expensive and hard to maintain. The Bicitractor can operate tools for sowing, weeding, harvesting and more. Assembly and maintenance are easy and the team offers workshops for farmers to build their own tractor.

would like to build one for yourself? check out this easy tutorial


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