Creating low-cost and easy-to-build solution for individual energy harvesting

  •  Generates 80W in a 25 km/h wind up, or 1000W in a 60 km/h wind
  • Max. costs of $30 per unit, mostly from scrap materials
  • Can be assembled by 2 people within 6 hours

Daniel Connel is open source technology designer behind the 30$ wind turbine project. He is passionate about de-constructing complicated tech solutions and making them accessible and understandable for everyone. Born in New Zealand, he traveled the world and taught himself everything he knows. He currently resides in the UK and gives workshops on building the 30$ wind turbine around the world.

The wind turbine can be built entirely from reclaimed material and standard parts to provide free, clean, renewable energy in windy areas. The turbine’s vanes are built from panels cut out of discarded aluminium offset printing plates. The vanes are mounted on a reclaimed bicycle wheel, which provides a sturdy rotational axis. The three-vane version has been successfully survival tested against 80 km/h sustained winds, the six vane version works even with 105 km/h.

would like to build one for yourself? check out this easy tutorial