Inspiring personal food production with a low-maintenance home gardening system

  •  With MyFood, a family of 4 needs only 24 sqm to grow the vegetables they need
  • 90% less water than a traditional garden, no pesticides, no fertilizers
  • Connected system to monitor your garden from a distance

Mickaël Gandecki (consultant and software engineer), Johan Nazaraly (engineer) and Matthieu Urban (marketing professional) are working on MyFood project together. Startled on how dependent we all are on the system, when it comes to our food supply, the three decided to launch a project to help people reach their food autonomy. The believe that often a very small piece of bright technology can have an incredible leverage for people.

What if you could produce all the vegetables you need, by gardening only 20 minutes a day? Minimizing upkeep by automating gardens and increasing production, ownFood is an automated greenhouse which combines permaculture and aquaponics in one solution. Out of the box and open source, it introduces you to gardening gradually, reconnecting you to the quality and care for food.

would like to build a greenhouse for yourself? check out this easy tutorial


The team is searching for pioneer gardeners to experiment with the system. Please click here to find out more