Deep Dive | Women of POC21

Leilani Ruth

Women of POC21

Highlighting women of POC21 in leadership and supporting roles to showcase the many faces of open source, the maker movement, eco-hacking and more.

When thinking of open source, the maker movement, co-living, or eco-hacking most are intrigued by the growing industries, but may also assume a stereotype of philanthropists within them. Inspired by the women of the “This is What an Engineer Looks Like” sensation and with our final exhibition days away, we decided to highlight a few female faces contributing to our fearless community. Not only are they pushing boundaries through forward thinking and invaluable action, but they are making a difference on a global scale with a call to action.

Karri Wolf

Kari Wolf (Germany): Open State, Co-Founder, Creative Vision and Social Experience. Founding a design studio and visiting eco-villages, permaculture projects, and intentional communities throughout Europe, she brings a blend of experience to analyze co-living from all aspects. Kari contributes everything from her knowledge of successful community processes to playful social interventions. By identifying social needs, creating and implementing proper design solutions, she keeps camp life working and sexy, not just for attendees but for life love, Jannis, and daughter, Maja.

allana krauseAlanna Krause (New Zealand): Loomio CO-Founder. Multi-tasking at an incredible rate, as we do, Alana offers a way for teams to turn discussions into action with her team’s new app, Loomio. She also contributes experience in meeting facilitation, startup mentorship, among other talents


Cassandra Francis (Canada): Own Food Co-Founder and Communications Manager. With a background in journalism and communications she developed a strong voice for her organization and established the narrative of the ownFood journey. At POC21 Cassandra cultivated partnerships between ownFood and the community contributors. Additionally she has offered her analytical and copywriting skills to both projects and the core team as needed.


Audrey Bigot (France): Kitchen B, Co-Founder. She consistently brings new perspectives for alternative kitchen solutions. Audrey challenges energy consumption norms by engineering a multi-tier food storage module to reduce refrigerator size or use. Made of specific material characteristics, she created an adapted environment without requiring electricity.

Lera Nicoletti (Germany): POC 21, Media/Mama Extraordinaire. Not only does she manage or assist with multiple Social Media sites to keep the POC21 audience in the know, but she also contributes to the media team as a writer, photographer, and editor. In addition to a heavy workload, she is also a toy designer and a full time mom to daughter Numi.


Manuela Yamada (Brasil): MateriaBrasil, Designer. When not being a shining star within our co-living community, Manuela mentors teams on developing new ways to design and connect; assisting through collaborative economies, co-designing and focusing on open source knowledge principles to make a positive impact.

Leana Msika (France): Zero Waste France, Service Intern and Student. Implementing our zero waste strategy, by anticipating waste creation throughout the camp and identifying areas to reduce or eliminate excess, she helped ensure POC21 adheres to higher ethical standards. Leana coordinated our dry toilet system, delivery and use of all locally-made, biodegradable organic soaps, tooth paste, and shampoos, as well as sourcing as much local and organic food as possible to support the camps needs. She also implemented our full recycling system, sourced second hand/recycled furniture, and is now coordinating the “next life” of furniture acquired post-POC21.

Milena Sonneveld (Brussels): Velo M2, Co-Founder. Milena is a staple within her team, contributing to the progress and success of Velo M2 from all aspects, to ensure a mastery of their cargo bike module creation. Additionally, Milena has lead the POC 21 community in discussions regarding diversity and collaboration between projects to establish a common electricity connection

These are just a handful of the many people contributing to our cause, some as early as the planning phases and others as often as they are able. All of them have made an immeasurable impact. From the women highlighted above to all volunteers, supporters, founders, and projects, every person has benefited the overall success of the camp. As an intro and invite to discover the people of POC21, for more photos of the happenings and many personalities of our community, please check out our Flickr account.