Weekly Recap


weekly recap

Video gems from our filmmaker Sam that sum up each intense week of POC21. Witness the progress of our projects and get to know the people behind.

Weekly Recap

Week Zero

Camp Setup

POC21:  it’s happening! 100 people, one castle, unlimited possibilities to change the world.  5 weeks are lying before us, and we are very happy to share each week one episode about our castle life. Meet the makers, designers and creators, be a part of this parallel universe. Welcome to POC21!

Our first recap video is all about the set up. How to transform a historic place into a future lab? Meet Ehab Elia, the technical director and let him show you around the castle.

Weekly Recap

Week tHREE

Prototype the Future

At the POC21 camp all 12 project are super-bussy in building their prototypes to show them on the final POC21 exhibition on the 19th and 20th of September. Bicitractor, 30$ Wind Turbine and Showerloop are talking about their prototyping process. Besides we were reflecting the nature of the camp organization at POC21 and the beauty of spontanious self-organization and ad-hoc P2P sessions as a way to rapidly improve social processes and facilitations.

Weekly Recap

Week ONE



The first week at POC21.See how the projects, organizers, mentors and volunteers are doing so far. They were all thrown in this castle and now we have to make the most use of it. See how the projects are doing, the visions are shaking and struggles are appearing. And how a haircut in the shower can make you feel like a new person.

Weekly Recap

Week two

Down to Business

Week two was intense and packed with hands-on learning sessions and experience exchanges. Mentors and project teams sat down together to discuss the existing challenges and foresee perspectives for the future. At the end of the week, each team had a chance to pitch their project to a team of experts from KR Foundation, Autodesk, King Fisher and other friends of POC21.