With the final exhibition just around the corner, projects have more then enough on their plate. The past week has been stressful, but productive at the same time. Its been exciting seeing the prototypes form and projects come closer to their final vision. Here is a little update of the progress of VELO M2, SOLAROSE and BICITRACTOR.


have completed the frame, including steering and transmission, and the bicitractor has made its maiden voyage around the factory yard! The finished frame weighs around 17 kilos (the wheels weigh 24). The final steering mechanism is being refined; the new system is chain-driven, which takes up less space and is easier to assemble than the previous design. The team has added a few floorboards. Team spirit is good, despite the loss of one member due to chronic back pain.


bicitractor final proptotype
Velo M2

are building the first of their cargo bike power modules’ casings. Initial tests have been promising, and they’re now improving it, making it waterproof and increasing the modularity of its interior space. The open source community has given them input in the form of box designs and beta testing; the wider community is now working on ideas for the electrical system. The team also completed their first pedal power test, yielding a maximum wattage of 100 W.

velo m2 team with prototype

have validated the first steps of their solar tracking software by testing it with the motors that will swivel the array of reflectors. Some details of the primary mirror array have changed, and the overall structure is done save the mirrors (of which there will be 20). The polished aluminum reflectors are going on though, and should be on by the end of the week. The secondary (top) mirror structure is completed except for a few structural and mechanical components, and the team has built the supporting A-frame structure to hold it aloft.