Frequently asked 


What is POC21?

POC21 is an innovation camp that will unite 100+ makers, designers and social innovators to develop a Proof of Concept for a sustainable tomorrow. The participants will accelerate 12 carefully chosen open-source hardware projects in the areas of energy, housing, food, mobility and communications.

What is the goal of POC21 innovation camp?

During five weeks of co-working and co-making a working prototype for each project will be made. We will then produce a comprehensible blueprint for each prototype and distribute those among  the general public. This gives everyone the chance to revise, improve and reproduce the hardware.

Moreover POC21 itself is an Open Source project. We want to make our experiences and working solutions available for anyone to copy and reproduce so as to spread our Proof of Concept throughout the world.

When and where will POC21 take place?

The camp will run from August 15th until September 20th, 2015, near the stunning castle Château de Millemont, 45 minutes away from Paris.

What is the background of the project? How did you come up with the idea?

Since the COP15 climate conference in 2009, little has changed: political leaders seem to be going in circles, and protest culture lacks a clear blueprint for the future. In the forefront of COP21 – the U.N. climate conference that will take place in Paris this December – now is the time to move from talking to protoyping. Rather than of a Conference Of Parties, we propose a Proof Of Concept – in short POC21 – working solutions for a sustainable future.

Who are the people behind POC21? 

POC21 is a cooperation between Open State (Germany) and OuiShare (France). We have a great Team working together to make it happen, and we are very lucky to have some wonderful Partners on board to support us.

Can you please describe the format of the 5-week camp?

The camp structure aims to foster and support the creative process with various session formats and periodic rituals. From work sessions to campfire chats, mentoring sessions, P2P learning, daily and weekly retrospectives, reality checks with external sparring partners, candlelight dinners in the woods, to partying to some fine Berlin electro tunes, we will try to support our teams to make the most out of their time together.

I love the idea! Is there a way for me to help out?

At the moment, we are still looking for hands, skills materials and equipment. If you think that you could help in any one of those areas check out the links below for more info
HelperSkillsMaterial, and Equipment

How can I stay up-to-date on the project?

Just follow the link and subscribe to our POC21 newsletter: Please subscribe on this page!
Via the newsletter we will inform you on regular updates, call to actions and lots of positive energy right into your mailbox. You can also follow the adventure on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.