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Germans. April 30 while trying to break through the cordon of enemy forces ambushed lancers. One of the bullets fatally wounded Maj. Dobrzanski. Germany hid his body to the memory of Major did not inspire Poles to continue the fight. (PAP) “In 2017. There has been a significant deterioration in the overall situation of human rights in Belarus in comparison with the previous period (by the use of) the so-called. soft practices. It lasted from August 2015., And ended at the beginning of the mass demonstrations of citizens in February 2017. “- the report says the Belarusian independent organization, headed by a former political prisoner Ales Bialiatski.

One of the main causes of social protests was Presidential Decree No. 3 of the so-called. parasitism, which requires unemployed citizens to pay a special one-off tax. Currently, it is expected that the new version also dekretu.zobacz: Belarus: Petition to Lukashenka on the moratorium on the death penalty »How explain the authors of the report, authorities found a wave of protests in various parts of the country as a threat to stability’s domestic, which led to reprisals against participants in action, activists, opposition leaders, independent journalists and human rights defenders. “in total, in March 2017. various forms of repression affected more than 900 people (including participants in the protest on March 25 Freedom Day in Minsk). During the whole of 2017. Data reported by Viasna strokes more than 600 cases of citizens to administrative responsibility in connection with the implementation of the right to peaceful assembly and of expression. In more than 250 cases, the judges decided the detention “- czlowieka.Podkreslaja rights defenders note also that in 2017.

Authorities” actively used the politically motivated criminal cases. ” This was 40 people, most of whom are suspects in the so-called. White Legion (which was eventually discontinued) .Wiasna also draws attention to the repression against journalists in connection with the exercise of their profession. According to independent Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAZ) “during the year recorded 69 cases sentenced to a fine for cooperation with foreign media” – says the raporcie.Autorzy recall that remain in jail Mikhail Zamczuzny and Dzmitry Palienka that Belarusian human rights defenders they consider political prisoners (Palienka has also been declared a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International) .See also: human rights defenders urge Lukashenko to release the detainees “There has been a criminal case against the leaders of independent trade unions, which the authorities accuse evasion podatkow.Wiekszosc politically motivated criminal cases was however, before the end of the year discontinued, and the suspects – acquitted. According to Viasna this indicates that “external factors and geopolitical influence on the domestic political situation, including the situation in the field of parts man. “The Belarusian authorities continued their efforts to improve relations with Zachodem.Nie affected, however, the issue of the application of the death penalty in Belarus. Despite the dialogue with the EU and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on leave by the Belarusian authorities of the death penalty in 2017. Sunk three new sentences and one was executed. “In 2017. There were no systemic changes in the field of civil and political rights at the legislative level, “- concludes Viasna.

Kirowlesu requests were related to the judgment of the Navalny and officers concerning alleged fraud to the detriment of the company, which fell in February this year. Judge Natalia Samorokowska acknowledged Tuesday that Navalny and officers of the company should pay 2.2 million rubles. Dissident lawyer Vadim Kobziew announced an appeal. “On the one hand, we are pleased with the decision because the court enforced an amount substantially less than 16 million, the other – we paid for the rejection of claims in their entirety. The court’s decision shows first of all that Navalny and officers not guilty of any fraud in the amount of 16 million rubles “- he said the lawyer Vadim Navalny Kobziew.zobacz also: Russia: the court did not accept the request ws. Nawalnemu hook gulag punishment» for the first time Navalny was convicted of embezzlement to the detriment Kirowlesu in 2013. Later, the company asked the court to enforce the alleged financial losses.

When the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decided that Russia did not provide Nawalnemu right to a fair trial, the Supreme Court of Russia quashed both the judgment and the decision on enforcement of losses. He ordered the repetition of proceedings and at the beginning of this year. Navalny and officers were sentenced again to give a suspended sentence. Navalny assesses the legal proceedings against him as politically motivated. Oppositionist announced that it intends to compete in next year’s presidential elections in Russia.

According to the Central Election Commission, however, he has no right to be elected due to, among others, Kirowlesu judgment. PK said on Wednesday following the arrest of seven people in an investigation conducted by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau and the team of prosecutors from the Warsaw regional prosecutor’s office. Among those detained are the former vice-president and two former directors GetBack SA, the former assessor and former bailiff bailiff. As reported by the prosecution, the allegations that have been posed to them, relate to, among others, offenses of breach of trust in business, which led to the company causing GetBack SA damage to property in large sizes. Threatens it from years old until wiezienia.zobacz also 10: Prosecutors: Another six detainees ws. GetBack “alleged by the prosecution of offenses are related to the services called. amicable debt collection and detective services, contract creating databases and licensing agreements with apparent as a result of which there was cause GetBack Company SA damage to property in large sizes – National Public Prosecutor’s Office announced.

Suspects include people who were obliged to deal with matters of property and business of the company GetBack SA on the basis of the Commercial Companies Code. “The evidence gathered in the investigation showed that the perpetrators could act together and in concert with the aim of making profit,” – said the prosecutor’s office. After performing the process involving suspected and analyzing complicated by their explanations prosecutors to decide whether any preventive measures. So far in the investigation of the company GetBack SA 12 people were charged, of which eight were arrested. We applied against the four bail, police supervision or prohibition of leaving the country. Peter Kaczorek from the department of social communication in the CBA told PAP on Wednesday that the arrest made by officers of the Office in Warsaw and the Warsaw are related to the theme of the new investigation concerning the network of companies and 120 million zl derived from the company GetBack.

CBA agents went to several places in Warsaw, searching the company and law enforcement officers. GetBack is working on the case instituted by a national prosecutor Bogdan Swieczkowski investigative team and faculty for. Economic crime Regional Prosecutor in Warsaw and agents of the CBA. So far in the investigation questioned more than 70 people – including the Financial Supervision Commission officials and employees of GetBack. The main suspect in the case is stopped by the CBA at the airport in Warsaw after returning from Israel b. GetBack president Konrad K. He was accused of committing eight crimes, including attempted fraud in the amount of 250 million zl, the company inflict damage to property in large sizes – at least more than 185 million zl – and to take steps to make it difficult to avoid criminal proceedings and criminal liability.

Former president GetBack also heard complaint of offenses relating to public dissemination of false data in the current report of the company, which could be misleading as to the value of financial instruments issued by the company, which is also the manipulation rynku.zobacz: Prosecutors will examine the actions FSA ws. GetBack company »Charges against K. is a crime against property, economic relations and violating the Act on trading in financial instruments. The maximum penalty is imprisonment for 10 years; for such deeds it can also be imposed a fine, forfeiture of proceeds of crime and the court may order compensation for damage caused by the offense. June 26 Warsaw CBA agents arrested two suspects following: Catherine M. – former director of the board of GetBack SA – D.-M. and Stephen, president of the Polish Brokerage. She was a director is suspected of destroying documents, removing the traces of their crime and helping offenders to avoid criminal liability. It had also instruct individuals with GetBack, what to do to successfully destroy the evidence held by them. Other detainees and prisoners on remand in this case – the President of the Polish Brokerage – including the prosecutor accused acting to the detriment of the company jointly and in cooperation with Konrad K. – he was to be the co-founder of the network of companies, which on the basis of apparent agreements were used to derive money from GetBack.

Stopped by the CBA Peter B. heard the allegations made in this agreement and action in order to gain material benefits, and board members were GetBack – Vice President Anna P., Marek P., S. Bozena, her brother Darius and S. King M.-J. – including GetBack company cause damage to property in large sizes, misappropriation of more than 2 million zl with GetBack, use of a counterfeit document or request early redemption GetBack and the implementation of the agreement on the apparent over 4 million zl. In custody are also b. Altus TFI board members, who were accused of causing damage to property GetBack. B. The president and later president of the board of the investment funds and b. A member of the board were arrested by agents of the Warsaw delegation of the CBA on behalf of the prosecution. Erected charges of economic crimes to the detriment of GetBack, made between October 2016. And the beginning of August 2017. His actions were, according to the prosecution, cause the company about 160 million zl losses.

CBA and prosecutor’s office reported that the offense is connected with the sale by Altus TFI company GetBack another company for more than 207 million zl. According to prosecutors, its value does not exceed 47 million zl, and men selling it GetBack, were aware of the actual lower value of the company and act together with others for material gain. In addition, GetBack repaid 80 million zl liabilities of the acquired company, to be delivered to creditors by the end of 2017. Additional charges in the investigation after stopping b. The members of the board of Altus TFI b. GetBack boss. B. Executive Director GetBack and at the same time b. A member of the Board Mark P. put in the coming days. GetBack is working on the case instituted by the Prosecutor Bogdan Swieczkowski investigative team and faculty for.

Economic crime Regional Prosecutor in Warsaw and agents of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau. So far in the investigation we questioned more than 70 people, including officials of the Financial Supervisory Commission and employees of GetBack. According to the National Prosecutor’s Office, which commissioned the investigation, together with the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau investigators leads the team in the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw, until mid-September disclosed and secured property belonging to the suspect with a total value of almost 80 million zl. Until mid-September in the course of the investigation it gathered almost 200 volumes of documents – 70 binders. Every day activities are carried out comprehensive measures to clarify this matter and to determine the actual extent of the damage.

According to the data of the investigation show that by mid-September it was ok. 10 thousand. GetBack creditors. Cooperation Critics exclusion of evolution from the curriculum argue that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his roots in Islam Justice and Development Party (AKP) undermine the secular foundations of the Turkish state and since the AKP came to power in 2002, exacerbating conservative and motivated by the Quran provisions introducing, among others restrictions on alcohol. From school biology textbooks to disappear chapter Fri. “The origin of life and evolution,” and the material on this subject will be available only for 18- and 19-year-olds choosing to study – he said in a speech reproduced in the web head of the Turkish council of educational Alparslan Durmus. “We realized that if our students do not have the infrastructure allowing to understand the assumptions and hypotheses, or if you do not have the knowledge and scientific basis, will not be able to understand some controversial issues, therefore, we have omitted some of them” – he said. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is rejected by creationists, both Muslim and Christian believers in the literal description of the creation of the world by God in the Bible and the Koran. Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus earlier this year, described the Darwinian theory as “old and stale”, adding that it should not necessarily be taught.

Changes in the curriculum are to come into force at the beginning of the academic year 2017/18. They were formulated in accordance with the “Turkish values” – gave Durmus. They concern the 51 curricula from primary school to secondary school, including the (average) religious schools “Imam Hatip”. School of this type, designed to train preachers, created by Ataturk after the liquidation of madrassas – theological schools teaching the Koran and the Arabic language rights. The type of Imam Hatip schools valid state program, 40 percent. filled with religious issues. Science in the system of these schools receive the same Erdogan and a large part of the ACP members. Lobbying group Igitim-Is involved in efforts to secular curricula any objection to the new programs, arguing that changes to reduce the importance of the reforms of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who laid the foundations of modern secular Turkey.

According to the Turkish Ministry of National Education in the year 4185 schools work of “Imam Hatip” with over 1.291 million students. In 2003, 500 such schools, there were nearly 85 thousand. students. In the Catholic Church has taken the issue of evolution in 1950, Pope Pius XII, announcing the encyclical “Humani Generis” (Mankind), which has rejected the thesis of the evolutionary origins of the human soul. The theory of evolution by this encyclical is one of the issues, “which, though belong to the scope of the so-called. The positive sciences, however, have a certain relationship with the truths of faith.” “Humani Generis,” says that “the Magisterium of the Church does not forbid that the science of evolution, if explores the emergence human body with some already existing living matter, was discussed the present state of sciences and sacred theology by experts from both sides; for souls because, Catholic faith leads us to assume that they are directly created by God. ” (PAP) chairwoman In response, the Ombudsman says, “I immediately explain that, as the Ombudsman can not enter into the essence of this dispute, because it has a political and historical.” Lord!

If the dispute is to have the finale in court, it is in no way just a “political” and “historic”.