Friday Digest #2


This has been an awesome week for life in our solar system. As you have probably heard photographs of Pluto taken by New Horizon show “ice mountains…about as high as the Rockies” and the lack of impact craters indicate that the dwarf planet has an active geology. Pluto to this day could very well be sculpting its surface and even sustaining life with the heat from its core. Multiple ingredients for life right there on a planet erstwhile thought inhospitable. Take a look at these fascinating articles! Also see an unrelated robot space squid.

Back on planet earth the greening of cities has begun. In Milan a five hectare wheatfield thrived in a valley of skyscrapers. The vision of Agnes Denes, an American artist who has brought a harvest to New York City as well, the wheatfield featured odisseo seed and no agricultural sprays. On 9 July locals and visitors reaped the rewards: “everyone taking home a bundle of wheat and a bag of the seeds that were used to cultivate the plot. With this gesture, Denes seeks the opportunity to ask that we ‘plant seeds for the future generations to harvest.”

From the field you can see the Bosco Verticale designed by Stefano Boeri. This residential skyscraper “will host 900 trees (each measuring 3, 6 or 9 meters tall) and over 2000 plants from a wide range of shrubs and floral plants that are distributed in relation to the façade’s position to towards the sun.” And with plants and trees comes birds and pollinators. This construction contributes to the biodiversity and beauty of the city. For more info on these evolving developments see the articles at, and

This may be too depressing to include but if you were looking for more articles