Daniel Kruse: Storyteller, campaign expert, co-founder of Wigwam responsible agency and OpenState, with a track record ranging from WWF to Amnesty International or Ben & Jerry’s.

How are you involved in POC21 ?
I´m co-founder of the Berlin team and thus of POC21 and meanwhile I really ask myself: „Hell, how could I get into such a mess of work again?!“. No, seriously: Back in 2011 Dominik, Simon and me were searching for more profound, going-to-the-roots answers on climate change, biodiversity loss and the overall destruction of our habitat, caused by our ill-fated modes of consumerism and commerce. And with a lot of persistence we´re here today and this thing we dreamt of is just one month away and sooo many more people have joined us on the road. That´s just awesome and I´m excited what we´ll all collectively come up with!

What future would you like to achieve with the project? 
I really value freedom in my life and I would love to see much more people create their own creative freedom, not being stuck in shitty jobs they once believed were good for them or being constantly blocked in their potential by their environment or own mindfucks. There is SOOO much more we can achieve together once we start believing in our own power. I hope in this little social experiment we´ll bring participants into their full potential and joy to create and liberating themselves to do what they were born for. Oh yeah, and let´s have lot of good red wine and French cheese, too.

What are you most afraid of during POC21?
Mostly being too stressed out, yelling at people and being imbalanced due to the high workload. Well, I actually wouldn´t yell, I´d rather walk in the woods and plug myself out 😉 No, actually, I do not believe much can go wrong with such a great mix of people. Every fight, tear, scream, hug, kiss and innovative techie breakthrough will happen for a reason, let´s enjoy all that to the fullest.

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