Cats, nerds and other fortunate events

A quick photo-review on the POC21 team reunion and monthly working session in Paris (June 16th - June 19th).

Working on POC21 is an exciting journey, but it can also be challenging at times. One of the most complicated issues is having a team that is spread between two countries - France and Germany – and trying to come up with the most efficent and transparent work flow, regardless the distance. Which is why it's important for us to bring the team together in one (happy) place every once in a while, in order to work through the most urgent and complicated issues. Of which there is enough, now that the camp launch date is getting closer.

The work started already at the airport and continued at the wonderful Chateau Miellemont : a fabulous castle near Paris that will host POC21 camp participants.

After a quick tour around the castle, we all sat down to discuss the most urgent topics in logistics, communications and overall camp organization.

Every once in a while, a friendly horse would come along, but it could not interrupt the overall concentration.

After hours of productive talks and creative discussions, we managed to work out most of the agenda issues. Proud, but tired, we we slowly wrapping up. Some of us used yoga to relax, others just fell asleep on the train to Paris. 

The remaining two days we worked together in the spasious and wonderfully green co-working space Volumes Paris. One of the many amazing features of Volumes: there are two ungodly sweet kittens living there. Good for the overall calm atmosphere and cuteness overload at the same time. 

The hard work continued in working groups and evening briefings. Issues were figured out and problems were solved. Everyone was excited about the progress. Some team members even broke out into spontaneous dancing. 

And obviously, since we are not robots, we had fun in between. Co-eating and co-joking and just nerding around.

To round it up: a ton of work has been done, and there is a lot more to come. But we stay calm and carry on preparing the sexiest project of the year.