Meet The Team: Three Questions to Dominik Wind


Dominik Wind: Strategic designer passionate about open source technology and critical design. Co-founder of OpenState, and co-inventor of the innovation camp format with Palomar5.

Why are you involved in POC21?

During the last 7 years I´ve been on a quest to better understand the root causes for the unbearable circumstances mounting all around the globe. Currently I think it all comes down to two major problems we have to overcome by designing new functional systems: one is the way we distribute political and financial power, the other is the destruction of the ecosphere, the very basis of our own living at mindboggling speed. With most of my previous work and now POC21 I´m giving what I can to help tackle the latter.

What future would you like to create with open source?

In the utopia I´m striving for the basic needs of everyone everywhere are satisfied by a kind of “open, basic technological infrastructure”. It´s feasible and to me a moral imperative to create distributed systems where food, water, shelter, mobility and communications are granted to everybody for free, enabled by open source technology.

What is the coolest thing you have done in your life so far?

The coolest „thing“ i have (co-)made so far is my son Jakob, who just turned two.

Find Dominik on Twitter @dominikwind