Do Nothing And Change Everything

OS_YingYangWe´d like to continue our series of posts featuring very special people. Without their help we couldn’t do half of what we do and that would change everything! This time we are more than happy that Anja shares her vision of balancing masculine and feminine energies in our story of change.

OS_AnjaAdlerHello I am Anja and I would like to take up the opportunity to introduce myself as an Open State and POC21 volunteer and to share with you some ideas that are important to me. In the past, I have been a part of vibrant discussions with the core team around these ideas, which is why I think they have their place on this blog as well. I am refering to questions on our relationship to work and problem solving, considering that the path we walk everyday is as important as the destination we are hoping to reach. To put it really simple, I believe that there are two complementary forces of nature shaping our lives – or stories, to say it with Charles Einstein –, and that our challenge is to keep them in balance.

So first, there is the masculine force that is part of all of us. This force is fast, focused, aggressive, active. Critically voiced, it dominates our society in the shape of the white male Western story of solution-oriented, human-centered progress. This story inspires us to overcome the system by just working harder, being smarter, running faster, and beating the system within its own logic and with its own weapons – better products and technology. It also centers on human agency. We, humans, masters of this natural world, now only need to increase our mastery to save the planet.

And then there is the other slow, soft, passive force associated with the feminine part in all of us. This force resides in a more ancient story of nurturing, acceptance, letting go and letting be. It links us to our emotions, intuitions. It invites us to feel our connections to nature and all of her forces. In this story we as humans are an equal part of a larger system of nature. For the energy associated with this force to flow, all we need to do is to stop “doing” something. [socialcall]By just being and letting be, believing that we are connected, we are opening the space, allowing that something powerful might happen to us. [/socialcall]

I am not suggesting one force or story is better than the other. There is equal value to them both. Speaking for myself and looking at the people around me, by growing up in the first dominant story, it is hard to open myself to the other one and to really let it affect and change me. But something wonderful can happen when we do open up. It brought me much closer to understanding why I am doing what I am doing – not in rational but emotional terms, speaking with Joseph Campbell enjoying “the rapture of being alive”. And this is not just relevant on a personal level. To say it with Otto Scharmer, saving the world only within the logic of that first story of progress, that created the results that nobody wanted, will bring about more of these results that nobody wants.

I believe that by creating a community with Open State and POC21 we are not only telling a story to ourselves but also to the world. I find it important to reflect what kind of story this can and should be. After all, we are trying to build, what Charles Eisenstein terms the “more beautiful world our heart knows is possible”, so it feels right to me to not only do so with the help of our heads and hands. In balance to the beautiful maker and doer energy already very present in the Open State and POC21 community, I would love to invite this second force and story to the team and also embody it in the camp, creating spaces to cultivate this openness and connection. This could take the form of rituals, free time, nature and nurture, but also have its place by all of us just staying in the energy of not knowing what to do next and being mindful to the world around and within us.

Bayo Akomolafe remindeded me of the fact that the elders and the shamans in tribal communities are special not due to their superiority in age or knowledge, but because they are embodying this way of being alive, breaking down the distance between us and the enchantment about the world, living in recognition that everything in nature has a voice and agency. I am really looking forward to experiencing this enchantment together with the OS and POC21 community in the beautiful surroundings of Millemont.