Divesting from industrialized food with snap-fit kits for urban agriculture

  •  Kits snap together in minutes with no skills required
  • Modular design that fits larger or smaller spaces on demand
  • A small upfront investment saves hundreds of dollars per year for food purchases

Aaron Mararuk and Tristan Copley Smith are co-founders of AKER. The project evolved out of a citizen science project the two fouded previously called Open Source Beehives. Both thought digital fabrication could be applied to creat innovative, snap fit solutions for the urban farming movement.

A modular growing system for producing food and increasing biodiversity in cities. Using a common design aestethic and simple, snap-fit assemblies, AKER is lowering barriers for city dwellers to participate in greening their cities. Envisioning a city where grey walls, rooftops and balconies are transformed into living ecosystems, the current range of kits includes a chicken coop, vermicomposter, three plant beds, and two sorts of beehives.

would like to build one for yourself? check out this easy tutorial


Want to connect with AKER and discuss the next range of small-scale products, explore partnerships with retailers and create new kit designs? please click here